Haiku #46

geese lift heads towards sky
hail harder to hit smaller targets
Protection suffers flight


Dark Dancing

Spotlight beams from electric eyes,
exposing her,
drafting her,
dancing without shoes
on a virtual stage.

Cue the music.

Her feet pantomime the script
of the puppeteer’s strings,
boxing her in,
every step a death march,
a make up marionette,
a handler’s dream.

Fade to black.

A rustling of His robe
triggers her eyes to look up
Hand extended,
floorless Feet
sweeps her on the air currents
of Love.

Just Drive

Fear draws the reverse gear,
    shifts into first
        of the open road.

Open the throttle
   of my rock aria
      into the redrock cowboy country.

   into the low northern bridge
       of the silver-gold sky.

Ace wings taking flight
   from the snow-toothed
        mountain runway.

J o y


Dedicated to my son, who gave me the idea for this poem.